Henry Arthur Callis Academy Scholar Data

In our effort to evaluate Academy impact and identify opportunities for program improvement, the Academy Leadership Team collects relevant data reflecting Scholars':

  • demographics
  • high school experience
  • high school academic record
  • Scholars' perceptions of the Academy
  • Parents' perceptions of the Academy
  • college selection
  • college experience
  • college major
  • college completion
  • college academic record
  • professional aspiration
  • first professional experience after college completion

2013-14 Academy Scholars

What high schools did the 2013-14 Scholars attend in their senior year?

What was the range of SAT scores for our 2013 - 14 Scholars?

The following box and whiskers plot illustrates the range of SAT scores of our 2013-14 Scholars.  

What mathematics course(s) did the 2013 - 14 Scholars enroll in during their senior year?

At the start of the Academy, what were the Scholars' career interests and aspirations?

What skills and habits did Scholars feel they needed to work on the most to be successful in their first year of college?

At the beginning of the Academy, what types of universities or colleges were the 2013 - 14 Scholars interested in attending (Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Traditionally White Institutions, etc.)?

As the Academy came to a close, what types of universities or colleges did the 2013 - 14 Scholars choose to attend (Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Traditionally White Institutions, etc.)?


Scholars' perceptions of their ability to tackle the challenges of college work and life (1 - not at all confident; 7 - very confident)

2013 - 14 Academy Scholars' Reflections

Damon Bailey

The public speaking activities made me feel very comfortable with speaking in public.  The instructors here gave me great solutions and advice when it comes to speaking in public.  For example, when speaking to a big crowd try to either look at the back of the room, look at the tops of peoples’ heads, etc.

 The Academy activities have helped me a lot.  The instructors and mentors have built my confidence a lot.

 Brandon Boodie

 In the Academy I learned I need to establish goals to work towards, be organized with my work, be proactive, plan ahead, prioritize, and be flexible.

 On the college visit I saw the campus from a real student’s point of view instead of a set up tour.  I also saw a real college class.

 I really liked the Academy and feel it has helped me grow as a person and student.  I believe I am ready for college.

 John Boyd

It was a great Academy.  I feel the activities involving public speaking and time management have helped me to become more organized and prepared for college.

 I have worked towards planning my day out and my weeks and how to eliminate distractions while I study.

 The Academy allowed opportunities to critique my public speaking.  I now feel fully comfortable with public and speaking and confident with my ability to give speeches.

 Gary Gross

The Financing College course helped me understand and try to find ways I can get money for college.

 On the college visit I saw a lot of different kinds of people who looked very happy to be there. It was just a great environment and a great experience.  I learned that college is going to be very different and a lot more freedom.

 I feel that the Academy has helped me be more aware of what is going to happen in the Fall.

 Malik Harvin

I learned in the Academy that I have to plan.  I have track practice days and I have meets every week so I now plan my week ahead of time.

 In the Conflict Management sessions I learned that you have to have a steady head (keep your cool), talk your problems out, and get help if you need it.

 The Academy is great. I learned new things every day and I will be ready for college when it comes.

 My impression of the Academy is it has an ‘at home’ feeling.  I made new friends and learned a lot of things.  The activities were productive and helpful and I learned things I didn’t know before.

 Nicholas Heyward

 In the Organization and Study Skills Course I learned to eliminate distractions (like music) because they lower performance.  I also learned to spend more time on concepts rather than memorization.

 In the Financing College Course, I learned about the FAFSA, the admissions process, and the importance of scholarships.  I took the advice of getting the FAFSA PIN early and completing the FAFSA early.

 I am very impressed with the Academy.  The activities are helping me become more comfortable with the transition because I am more knowledgeable.  The activities are helping because they help me to stay focused on why I’m going to college and how to be successful while I’m there.

 Aswan Mangrum

The college visit to the University of Maryland was a great experience.  On this visit I got to experience campus life and the classes.

 In the Organization and Study Skills Course I learned that you must study first and have fun later when in college.  I also learned that being organized is a huge part to doing well in college.  I have instituted these skills in my study practices.  I am more organized which makes it easier to study material for school.

 I learned that colleges love it when you are involved in the community. Also, I learned that you should apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible.

Rodrick Murray

The Academy classes are helping the transition into college.  The classes have definitely allowed me to look any choices with a new perspective as well as getting out into the rest of the world.

 Mr. Gallion taught us that studying only works if you connect concepts with real world examples. With only the bare knowledge, we would only get a basic idea of what was needed for the task.

 The Academy is a great resource for college life in general.  The conflict resolution and planning classes have helped me understand how to work through my issues whether they are people issues or scheduling conflicts.

Douglas Smith

 I learned that I should plan out my time and make a schedule if I want to have time for everything. I learned that sometimes I will have to make sacrifices. Now I try to make a to-do list and write down what I have to do so I don’t forget.

 On the college visit I observe a very nice campus.  I saw a lot of different types of people.  I learned what a college class is like and how the typical day of a college student goes.

 The Academy is a very interesting and fun activity that teaches me what I need to know to succeed in college.

 Micah Street

 The Academy has helped me feel more confident in speaking in front of groups of people.  It has helped me to fluently express myself.

 The Academy has encouraged me to finish college, how to prioritize, and helped me prepare to be independent.

 I learned in the Financing College Course to fill out the FAFSA early, sign up for my PIN, and apply for scholarships early.

 I am most impressed with the Academy.  I believe most of the activities are helpful by giving me solutions to my actual problems.

 Alex Walters

 In the Academy I have learned to keep my priorities straight such as knowing schoolwork is first and comes before everything else.  I have put school work before sports and I prioritize a schedule ahead of time.

 I feel that the Academy is very informational and helpful.  The activities prepare us both for college and real world applications.

 The Academy has exposed me to new things such as how to dress for success as well as exposing me to career ideas.  I have matured since I enrolled in the Academy by the information I have been exposed to.