Charvis V. Campbell

Henry Arthur Callis Academy Dean

Bro. Charvis V. Campbell is the Head of the School of Business Executive Leadership Honors Program at Howard University.  In his role, he oversees the day-day oversight of the program including managing corporate relationships, student advising and fundraising.  Prior to returning to Howard University, Bro. Campbell was an Assistant Dean of University Life, the student affairs division, at George Mason University.  Bro. Campbell is an adjunct professor at George Mason University teaching courses for the Transition Resource Center.  Bro. Campbell has an MA in Higher Education from New York University and a BA in Political Science from Howard University. He is currently working on his doctorate in Education with a focus on higher education and policy.


lawrence m. clark


Lawrence M. Clark is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Maryland. Bro. Clark taught middle school mathematics for eight years (his most cherished accomplishment) in DeKalb County Public School on the outskirts of Atlanta.  Bro. Clark studies the mathematics classroom, manages scholarship programs at the University of Maryland, and mentors undergraduate and graduate students. Bro. Clark served as Dean of the HAC Academy prior to Bro. Campbell.